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Twilight of May 16, 2010, I saw the Venus above a crescent moon.  It was like a Turkish flag, only 90 degrees clockwise.  My first mpression was that it looked like a smiling cyclops.  But it was a great sight! My passion for astronomy got the better of me.  Despite a headache, I still managed to take a few shots with my Tokina 28-200mm lens mountend on a Pentax K-x.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a tripod so I had to make do with a window sill in the Family Area.  I tried using the HDR (High Dynammic Range) function of the K-x but that required a rock-steady base as it takes 3 consecutive exposures to combine into 1 shot.  To add difficulty, the last exposure takes about 3x longer than the setting I used so some of the shots had a slight after image on the surrounding.  The best I got were these…

Pentax K-x with 28-200mm Tokina lens, ISO400 F/11 HDR 1 setting

It’s not as sharp as I’d like…perhaps another opportunity might arise in the future.