Just today, I read a beautiful piece by Kay Richae entitled Are You Open? where she talks about being open to change. We have the same epiphany…being open to change is the only way to grow. For several years I’ve been working with the Training Department of our company. I handle IT training. It was the perfect combination for me because it brought together my love for technology and teaching. 

When there was a realignment in our organization because of a merger, I got a new tasking…a new post. It was frightening for me, as I told my friends in Training, as we got together for my send-off. I told God that I was totally surrendering myself to wherever He was taking me. It was going to be difficult…learning new thing, meeting new people, working in a new environment, having a new boss… I was wretched out of my comfort zone but I didn’t have much of a choice. I just trusted God to take me where He felt I could do more good.

In parting I wrote a poem for the occasion…one that spoke of change being inexhorable and unrelenting as the seasons and the tide; an impetus…acatalyst that lets us break out of the chains that we sometimes bind ourselves with…our self-imposed limitations…thus, a caterpillar turns into a crysalis and finally into a butterfly! Change helps bring about what is latent in us…our God-given gifts and talents; all we need is to accept it and to embrace it!

Life is change . . .
constant and cyclic like the seasons,
relentless and inexhorable as the tide;it changes us, and moulds us…
like a caterpillar into a crysalis and into a butterfly;
it broadens our horizons, expands our vision,
and lends us wings to soar to greater heights!
Embrace change . . .let go of what you are
so that you can become what you are meant to be!

Nature’s Law is all about change…creatures adapt to their surroundings; otherwise, they die! That is how God made us…how He enables all of Creation to be better; all living and non-living things change! The weather, seasons, plate tectonics, evolution, metamorphoses, supernovas, tides…these are all mechanisms put in place to foster change. To resist change is to become obsolete…to hasten decay and death! Maybe change is God’s way of saying, “Don’t just sit there, live!” After all, living is coping with everything that comes our way…the good and the bad…both serve a purpose—something to learn from–to make us better, to grow. Living is constant change…moment by moment. Make every minute count!