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I just read a wonderful piece entitled “Are You Living In The Present Moment” by Jeanette M. Pintar.  It reminded me that inspite of the bad day at the office, or an argument with the spouse, school work left undone, cramming for exams, financial worries, sickness of a loved one, and a whole lot of burdensome things; we must not forget the love shared between family and friends.  If we focus on the negative things that happen in our lives (they are overwhelming sometimes), we’re just distancing ourselves from the love of those with whom love is given and received.  We were created because of love, to love, and be loved.  To deny that love, and not allow that love to flow through us and guide our actions would only lead to ruin, illness, and in extreme cases, death.  We need to hold one to that love so that we are buoyed, strengthened, and encouraged by it; it is our lifeline.

Life is difficult enough…full of uncertainty, doubt, and change.  Let’s not add to another’s misery, pain, anguish or suffering. Our task is to assist, encourage, help, heal and save our fellows…just as God intended. If we focus on the hurt and pain, we become trapped in the past. Every minute, hour or day we spend angry or resentful or disappointed with a loved one is a minute, hour or day lost…a time better spent with laughter, happiness and joy in the company of that loved one.  Let’s not lose sight of what’s important to us. In that way we live in the moment.  In a nutshell, here’s what I want to say…

Life is so beautiful and precious a thing not to enjoy and esperience.
Let not our daily worries deter us from enjoying and living it with those we love.”
Here’s the piece I’ve read and would like to share with you as well.

Are you living in the present moment?
Jeanette M. Pintar

We always hear people talking about living in the present moment.  
But what does that really mean?
Obviously we’re all here right now in this moment.

But are we fully here? Or are our thoughts drifting to what the boss
said, when we have to meet our friend or pick up the kids,
the chores that need to be done, and how lousy the day was?

Life is a beautiful and precious thing.
Each of us was created in love to give love and receive love.

Yet we often feel very alone and un-loved.

Perhaps this is because we block out the love which is meant
to flow through us with our distracting thoughts.

Because we’re so focused on everything else we don’t allow
ourselves to see and experience the love directed toward us.

If we can allow ourselves to focus on those we’re connecting
with and bring an attitude of openness and love to the experience,
we become present in the moment.

We heighten our awareness of the positive energy, love and sense
of connection we have with those we care for.

Perhaps that’s really what being present in the moment is about?