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“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  — Genesis 1:27 (New Int’l Version)

What does this mean? Why do we have different features, height, build, race, language if we were created in His image.  Our small nature cannot embody all that is God.  Like a multi-faceted diamond, each is but a small facet.  But all of us have the same immortal soul…that which is a part of God…that which yearns for God…to be with Him and see Him.  All throughout human existence, there is that search and longing for the divine…our origin…our Creator.  Since our feeble nature cannot fathom God, we instead look to manifestations of His power and majesty–Paleolithic men worshipped the Aurochs (an extinct species of bull); the Sami, Nivkhs, Ainu, and pre-Christian Finns worshipped the bear; the ancient Egyptians and Incas worshipped the sun, the moon, the sky; the ancient Babylonians worshipped the bull; some Native American tribes worship the bison; the Aztecs, Mayans and Toltecs worshipped the serpent, the moon, the stars, the sun, the wind, rain, and lightning; the Olmecs worshipped the Jaguar; and so many others.  The common thing is that there is a need to search for and worship the divine. 

But where is God in us if we were made in His likeness?  We see Him in all the good we do and the good others do.  We see that in the mercy and compassion of people for his fellow man. We see that in works of charity, in acts of forgiveness, in a helping hand, a loving touch, a warm embrace, a kiss of love… When we feel the urge to help typhoon victims through volunteer work or through donations, we are acting out or manifesting the part of God in us.  Let that noble, pure and divine part of us manifest itself.