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“This gladness in God is as a deep river, we have only as yet touched its brink, we know a little of its clear, sweet heavenly streans, but onward the depth is greater  and the current more impetuous in its joy!”

When I read this passage I thought…WOW!  The message speaks of a deep sense of well-being that we can find in God.  Amidst all the turmoil and worries of this world at this time, God offers us peace.  We can find it all around us in the works of our Creator:  lie in the middle of a meadow or a glen…cast out all your worries and surrender them to God, let His peace permeate your entire being; stroll along the beach…let the waters flow around your feet, feel the wind caress your face, let the sound of the surf lull you to sleep; sit on a rock beside a mountain brook…let the sounds of the cascading water refresh your soul; God created wondrous things around us…feel His presence, His love, His peace and experience joy!