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“When life knocks you down, you can either choose to stay down or get back up!” — From the movie Karate Kid 2010

There are times when we are at low points in our life: getting fired, being afflicted with a life-threatening disease, being down and out, debts are high and funds are low, problem with a relationship, the death of a loved one. The list goes on and on, and would be different for the individual. Regardless of the situation, the question remains the same: when you get knocked down, will you choose to stay down, or will you choose to stand back up?
Situations like these though unsought for are necessary because of the lessons they provide–a test of faith, love and hope. Which will triumph? The choice is in our hands. I don’t remember who said it but I try to believe it and live it: in order for evil to triumph, it is only necessary when the good do nothing. I choose the latter. I choose to be on that side. Which side will you join?