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“Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace.”  — Jerry Bridges

Have you every had a day or a string of days that weigh you down, and make you want to quit whatever it was you were doing? All of us have had these days, right? Clients making unreasonable demands…the boss doesn’t care, doesn’t help, acting like an A-hole…unappreciated and taken for granted by loved ones…long days, lack of sleep…sound familiar? Yeah…been there, been that, felt it, shove it… All the things I’ve mentioned happened in the past…we should let them go! If we cling to them, they’re like baggages that hamper our progress. Try not to dwell on them too much. Bad things happen to us whether we like it or not. The important thing to remember is who we are and what we believe in and what are the things important to us. If we allow these things to plague us, we can never be happy; we’ll never find contentment and peace. We will never pull ourselves out of the rut we’ve fallen into.  It is within our capability to get through adverse situations. All it takes is a firm decision to do so.

Find a nice quiet place and feel God’s soothing touch.  Detach yourself from all the bad things around you.  There is so much beauty around you, look at them, appreciate them, and allow that sense of wonder overshadow you.  Feel the Master’s touch in all His works for they are sights to behold. Realize that the Lord who made all these wondrous things, made all of them for us to enjoy. Why? Because we are important to HIM!


Sit down and admire the view…enjoy the quiet.

Gateways to tranquility…be at peace.

Consider the lilies of the field…not even Solomon,
in all his splendour was arrayed as one of these!

Marvel at the Master’s Hand weaving a tapestry
in an area less than one square foot
The Master created life in abundance for our enjoyment!

These petals are hardly delicate but wondrous still! 
Peace and tranquility in solitude
There is no nook or cranny that
the Master’s Hand does not reach

Can you imagine such delicate hands the
Master has to fashion such things of beauty?! 
Bright reds sparkling with dew!
From this angle these 3 flowers
seem to be singing
Dew drops caught in spider’s web appear to be
suspended in mid-air
Looks like a raptor (bird of prey) don’t it?
Life is made to endure…even alone
Beauty is there to behold in such simplicity are lichen and moss