Prayer is request. The essence of request, as distinct from compulsion, is that it may or may not be granted. And if an infinitely wise Being listens to the requests of finite and foolish creatures, of course He will sometimes grant and sometimes refuse them.

C. S. Lewis


Scripture is full of assurances that God will hear and answer our prayers. Of course, there’s a danger in taking this wonderful truth and turning God into a personal valet, ready to meet our every whim and fancy. In our praying, we have a responsibility to seek God’s will. Our wish is not His command.

Perhaps the best way to avoid turning your prayer time into reciting a wish list is to remember that prayer is a real relationship. It’s not magic. God has invited us into a relationship with Him and provided us the means to reach Him, through His Son. When we ask Him for good gifts – something He encourages us to do – we should remember that we’re talking to someone who loves us, wants what’s best for us, and knows what we really need.

Most importantly, when we go to God in prayer, we are communing with the One who seeks a relationship of love with us.

Lord, help me to pray not as an exercise of my will, but a surrender to Yours. Thank You for Your goodness to me. Amen.