The Philippines is the only country in the world that has the longest celebration of Christmas.  People start putting up Christmas lights and decor right after All Souls’ Day.  Although my work schedule does not afford me the time to go around the country to capture the numerous festive celebrations, I hope these pictures I took around the Mall of Asia will give one an idea of Christmas in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, we just caught the tail-end of the Christmas Parade (featuring floats and characters depicting various themes for the Yuletide Season).  I managed to get this shot of the tail end of the parade (below) from the bridgeway along Sunset Blvd.

The tail-end of the Parade (along Sunset Blvd)

Of course, no visit to the Mall of Asia would be complete without the 15-minute fireworks display from Sunset Blvd. The platform bearing the pyrotechnic materiel is on a barge a few hundred meters from shore.


After the fireworks display, Jeo wanted to go to Toy Kingdom (obviously), but I persuaded his to loop around the bridgeway from the South Parking Building to get a picture of the Christmas Tree there and the globe.

Christmas Tree and Globe

The tree is easily 40 feet tall. In the background is the metal globe frame that shows ads, messages, etc.  After the short detour, we took the brideway going back to the mall and thereon proceeded to Toy Kingdom.  

From Toy Kingdom, I took a picture of Jeo with the Giant Christmas Tree (at the main atrium) in the background.  I told Jeo that there was a Lego display at the ground level, so he got all excited and wasted no time descending to the ground level.  Beside the giant Christmas Tree is a stage decorated with a giant house-like structure featuring various Christmas themes with moving elements.

My son, Jeo, with the giant Christmas Tree in the main atrium

The Giant Christmas Tree with the animated stage

Jeo excitedly examined the two Lego displays (and the various Lego kits for sale).  Both were assembled to look like miniature towns.  Jeo said that he wished Toy Kingdon contacted kids like him to assemble the different kits…sheer enjoyment!

Lego Carousel

Lego Village

Christmas In Lego City

Grand Central Station

Christmas Village Square

A Lego Manger for a Lego Christmas

Lego Monorail Train

Covered Village Square

Lego Farm

Lego Chapel and Ferris Wheel

Lego Eiffel Tower

Town Hotel

Just inside the main entrance (across from Starbuck’s) is a cute little stall that looks like a gingerbread house, and above the entrance is a funny looking display I dubbed “Christmas At The Farm“.

Gingerbread house?

Christmas at the Farm?

On the 2nd floor, the Christmas displays and sale items at Kultura were dazzling with their glittering colors of gold and red.


Across Kultura is a kiosk that sell different kinds of Santa Clauses, glittering angels and manger scenes.

The Santa Stall (for lack of a better name)


Above the Starbuck’s near the iMax Theatre is a shop called “Living Well”. Aside from selling discounted home stuff, they have this awesome collection of Christmas Village scenes.

The Wood Mill

The Nutcracker

Watermill Stream w/ Pump

Toy Factory


Snowman Park


North Pole

Cable Towers


Village w/ Snowman & Kids

Roofdeck Dance & North Pole

An assortment of Christmas Baubbles

Nutcrackers, anyone?

Santa's Elves

Snowman Park

Hilltop Lighthouse

It’s truly a magical season…despite all the bad things happening in the world, the joy of Christmas is in the hope it brings…just like the hope that was born over two thousand years ago in a manger in Bethlehem…no fanfare, no marching bands with blinking lights…His first visitors were shepherds…although there was a heavenly choir singing…