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“Find people who will challenge you, believe in you and inspire you to improve.  No matter what’s going on in  your life, another person will help you shoot higher, laugh louder and look forward to tomorrow much more than if you go it alone.”
Vicki Hitzges

My Thoughts

As we go through life, be careful in selecting the people close to you because these people will have an effect on you. In selecting, choose people who will have a positive effect on you: people who will inspire you to achieve more, who will motivate you when you’re stuck in doldrums, who will console you in moments of grief, who will protect you from those who wish you harm–even yourself, who will teach you life lessons, who will kick your butt if you deserve it, who will tell you you’re wrong but still love you, who will tell you what you need to hear even if you don’t want to, and help you be what you were meant to be.