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“Set clear intentions, live with integrity and in right relationship with your values, stand in your purpose and have the courage to say ‘yes’ to what is true to you and ‘no, thank you’ to what is not.”
Marcia Wieder

My Thoughts:

We all have told a lie at some point or another.  Sometimesm, it was to hide the truth. Sometimes, it was to get out of trouble.  Sometimes, it was to get someone else in trouble.  But for whatever reason, there is someone (aside from God) we should not tell a lie to–ourselves.  When we lie to ourselves, we withhold something that should have been ours.  We end up denying our real selves.  It’s like digging a hole.  The more we lie to ourselves, the deeper the hole gets and makes it more difficult to get out of it.

We must always strive to be true to ourselves–acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses.  What strengths and skills we have, we must build on them, hone them to perfection, develop them.  Use them to serve others.  In doing so, we honor our Creator.  Our weaknesses can be challenges to be overcoome.  Some of our weaknesses are there to teach us humility, and to teach us that we need each other.