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“If only you could love enough, you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the universe.”
~ Emmet Fox

My Thoughts:

When love is true and pure, nothing is expected in return. The flow of your love is outwards.  If you have love inside you, it’s like you have the sun inside you…a constant source of light and warmth.  It is a bond that does not bind—because it does not tie you down; it is not shackles or chains; on the contrary, it is like the universe, vast and vibrant, dynamic and alive—allowing you to explore and to be what you are.  It is not afraid to share or be hurt or not returned, because it knows that to love is its own reward.  Sharing is like it drawing breath.  Acts of kindness are pulses as if from the beating of a heart.  Its warmth embrace soothes and caresses like a breeze across a verdant meadow.  Its gentle touch is like rain on parched earth, renewing and envigorating.