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“Your life has the potential to be a wondrous journey, filled with exciting moments and astonishing experiences. It can be a thrilling ride if you are open to exploring all that is available to you. Adventure is the result of your willingness to live life with a spirit of enthusiasm.”
~ Chérie Carter-Scott

My Thoughts:

Life is so mysterious, so wondrous, so exciting…so many things to discover, to learn, to experience, to relish. God in His mind-boggling way, made the world such that our lifetimes are not enough to learn and experience everything. We were all born with a curious nature…a penchant for discovery. God gave us that because this world He created is so full of marvelous things. We just need to endulge it.

Consider these: it’s been thousands of years since we’ve discovered fire…since the alphabet…since Magellan proved that the Earth was round…and so many other discoveries and inventions. Do you know that there are still undiscovered species of plants and animals? Did you know that there are undersea plants that can manufacture food without photosynthesis? Or that there is a lake at the bottom of the sea? Mankind has yet to land on another planet in our Solar System! And there’s a whole galaxy out there with planets and stars being born!

But all these wonders can only be experienced by those who dare…intrepid explorers and discoverers. You don’t even need to go outside the planet. There are wonders awaiting just around the corner. For example, I have yet to see the nearly perfect cone of Mayon Volcano. Or marvel at formations in the underground river in Palawan. Or be mesmerized by the coral reefs of Tubataha. Or stroll around the verdant landscape of Batanes…to name a few. And those are just here, in the Philippines. There’s so much more: Angkor Wat in Kampuchea, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Coliseum in Italy, the Pyramids in Egypt, The Great Wall in China, St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, the postcard landscape of Tuscanny, the Grand Canyon in the United States, the mountain stronghold of Machu Pichu in Peru, the monoliths of Easter Island…and list goes on and on and on. It’s all waiting for us to behold and take our breath away. Life is short and we may not be able to see them all. So what are we waiting for?