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Last January 30, 2011, as I was watching the coming of dawn, I chanced to see the Morning Star, Venus, and the waning crescent moon. The sky was a very dark cobalt blue…no longer black. Venus was shing brightly. The moon was still some distance from the sun (relative position in the sky). The sun was still below the horizon providing this excellent view. Luckily, the sky was clear…the previous night was cloudy.

Morning Star & Crescent Moon

 Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.  Rightly so, Venus, is a lovely sight to behold.  After the moon, it is the next brightest natural object in the night sky.  Since its position is near the sun, it never ventures far from the sun’s position in the sky.  It can be seen at dawn and dusk, hence it is called the Morning and Evening Star.

Similar to the moon, Galileo discovered that Venus also has phases.  Thus, its brightness varies depending on the phase.  Unfortunately, at the time I took this photo, Venus has just past its greatest Western Elongation…comparable to the Moon’s First Quarter phase…so it’s not as bright.  But it’s still a lovely sight.  I love watching the sunrise.  It’s as if God is telling us, you have another day to enjoy this world, to complete the tasks left undone, to spread kindness and love.  Dawn is renewal time…a daily rebirthing!