An excerpt from
Encouragement for Life
by Charles Swindoll

Encourage me.

Maybe you haven’t said those words out loud in recent days, but chances are you have shaped them in the silent hallways of your soul.

Maybe you haven’t stopped anyone on the street and said that phrase. But if someone cared enough to look closely they would see the words written in your sad face, drooping shoulders, and pleading eyes. They would hear the words echo in your unguarded comments and unsuppressed sighs.

Is that where you’ve been lately? Are you running shy on reinforcement and affirmation? Are you beginning to wonder not when relief is coming, but if it will ever come? Then I believe this little book will help. I am writing it with people like you in mind. People who feel riveted to the valley where the sun seldom shines and others seldom care.

I do not write out of sterile theory but out of reality. My pen has been dipped in a deep well. The ink has been dark and often cold. At such times I have struggled with a lack of self worth…a common battle waged in the valley. The long shadows of discouragement have often stretched across my path. Those times have been bittersweet-bitter at first, sweet later on.

I have only one goal in mind: to encourage you. Tired, discouraged friend, take heart! The Lord God can and will lift you up! There is no pit so deep that He is not deeper still. No valley so dark that the light of His truth cannot penetrate.