Quote for the Day:
“Often he who does too much, does too little.”
Italian Proverb

Thought for the Day:
“Focus is not a ‘business only’ thing. Each person has only twenty-four hours per day, and how we spend those hours shows what’s important in our lives. The question we must ask ourselves is…Are we focusing on what really matters?”
Mac Anderson

Both Quote and Thought are from the book “The Nature of Success” by Mac Anderson

My Thoughts:
Have you ever seen a person who was doing too many things and end up finishing things late or end up don’t finishing a lot?  I have.  If you try to do too many things all at once you won’t be able to finish anything at all; or, if you do finish something, it might be passed the time it was needed.

We must face the fact that we have limitations.  We must prrioritize things so that we can focus on the things that need our immediate attention.  We must schedule. We must learn not to take on too many tasks that we won’t be able to focus on the task on hand.  If we do ao, we’ll end up doing shoddy work…a project haphazardly done, a report poorly written, a task improperly executed, a careless remark or comment, a sage advise ignored…I could go on and on but I think you know what I’m saying.