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It’s been raining a lot lately.  Here in Southeast Asia, the months from June to September is dominated by the Southwest Monsoon—that band of cloudiness bringing torrential rains and thunderstorms. With the abundance in rainfall, life flourishes. The plants in our garden have been growing in spurts!

One cloudy weekend, I walked out to our backyard and saw these flowering plants growing on top of my backdoor neighbor’s wall! The hallowblocked wall is topped with broken glass (to stiffle would-be burglars), and installed with barbed wire on top of it no less!

Life persists despite difficult situations

Inspite of such an environment, against all odds, several plants were thriving—growing from grams of soil that have somehow managed to fill some of the crags on the uneven surface of the wall!

Where do they take root?

I’m reminded of a line in the movie Jurassic Park, where Sam Neil’s character (Dr. Alan Grant) said, “Malcolm was right; life finds a way!”  When you think about it, our Creator made it such that life is given the drive, and the means, to survive and thrive.  He made life adaptive and continuously evolving. Despite the impermanence and temporary nature of life, God, in His Wisdom, made it so that life will struggle to survive.  The cycle of life, the contant renewal, is a mechanism for dynamism, adaptation, growth, survival, evolution!  It will ensure that life will go on.

When I was a boy, my Dad set up an aquarium. Over the years, we’ve made several species of fish in them (we’ve had up to 3 aquariums at one time). One species that really caught my interest was the blind Mexican cave fish. Since these fishes lived in subterranean rivers, in perpetual darkness, they didn’t need eyes–so they outgrew them. Where their eyes should be, you can see only a shallow indention. They can navigate the water unerringly. The absence of predators, plus the absence of sunlight, negated their need for pigmentation as well—they’re colored very light pink (almost white).

We can all learn a lesson from this: whatever difficulty we may face at several points in our lives, we were meant to endure.  We were meant to learn from it.  The difficulties were meant for us to learn lessons in survival, in adaptation, in evolution.  Life’s lesson is that change is constant and inevitable.  We must learn to adapt or perish.  We see this everywhere!

The plants in the picture were not endowed with intelligence, but they manage to survive, even to thrive! How much more can we?  We were created in the image and likeness of God! Think of it…we have a part of God within us!