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I’m a subscriber to David Boufford’s Positive Thoughts Daily.  In one of the emails he sent, he said that his site was hacked and was thinking of discontinuing his Positive Thoughts Daily. Even to those who make an effort to maintain a positive attitude, it isn’t easy. Sometimes we wonder if sharing positive thoughts is worth it. Sometimes those who provide the positive thoughts experience events that foster doubt, that weaken their resolve; thus, become needy in positive thoughts. Lucky for David that a recipient of his newsletter sent this love poem.  It is fortunate that those who help receive help, too, down the road.  It is in times like these that affirm our need for one another, our responsibility for one another. May we continue to support one another.


Love is a great power without an end
You can give Love away-but it you can never spend
With Love the more you give the more you receive
Once Love is in your heart it will never leave

 Love is the most beautiful gift on Earth
It’s Priceless above any worth
Love can free you from the worst cell
But without Love you are lonely in a walking Hell

Love is always waiting in the valleys of our Souls
Love is a gift that can never ever be sold
Some deny Love-but it you can never loose
When you run from Love you end up battered and bruised

To receive Love you must first give it away
And that moment is the start of your Life’s true first day
Love is always there waiting deep with in
To never experience it is an ignorant sin

YES!-For in Reality Love is Life
To not know Love is just existence filled with strife
There are so many things I will never know
But to be wise-Just open your Heart and let the Love flow

–Bob Quail (submitted via email)