“Anything is possible for someone who has faith.” (Mark 9:23)

Through faith in Jesus and His guidance in our lives, there is nothing that can overcome us. Yet, the realities of life bring distractions that can often times detour us to take a different road map. In these times, it is essential that we have a strong foundation of faith to help guide us back on the right path in our daily journey.

Just as we need the basic essentials—food, water, and a well balanced lifestyle—as believers it is just as important to continually fill our hearts, souls, and minds with faith-based ingredients that enrich our lives. Caring for our spiritual health allows us to rise above daily challenges that often limit our full potential. Through consistent reminders of faith, we can live victoriously in Christ.

Simple Truths wants to make sure that we equip you with inspiration and encouragement that enables you to grow in your faith and share your faith with friends and family.

May your faith in Christ be your life’s foundation!