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Life is a brief precious time to feel—to experience love, laughter, and wonder—to design and contribute unique creations and expressions of who you are and what you want to leave behind.
~ Steve Brunkhorst

A Perfect Day

What would yours look like?

Your Perfect Day.

Would it be…

  • a bright, sunny day spent digging in your garden?
  • free of interruptions, phones, and demands?
  • filled with people you love but rarely get to spend time with?
  • a time of dreaming and scheming; planning and creating?
  • filled with daring adventure while you braved new experiences?
  • complete with laughter and joy, conversation and hugs?
  • free from worry and frustration?
  • quiet and calm; or wild and exhilarating?
  • a period of catching up and cleaning out?
  • shared with another or lavished on yourself?

What does your Perfect Day look like? Don’t wait. Spend a little time each day discovering what your Perfect Day would be and then commit yourself to moving towards that vision one step at a time.

We each have the freedom to shape our lives the way we want. Not instantly, not without cost and sacrifice. But one day at a time, with careful planning and consistent goal-getting, our Perfect Day awaits us.

Life is so short. Start making your Perfect Day(s) a reality today.

© Copyright By Colleen Langenfeld