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With each passing day we gain knowledge from life’s victories and defeats. We acquire the strength and endurance necessary to follow our chosen mission and seek our desired destiny.

Yet the pathways through life are many, and not all of them are clearly marked. Some might lead us astray for a time. Others will simply provide detours needed for rest, rediscovery and renewal.

There will be times when it’s necessary to branch off in a different direction. New beginnings show us the way back to the main road – the path to our chosen destination.

Each new day’s light brings countless seeds of miracles. It is our free will to begin anew with each sunrise, each breath. In this moment we can begin the rest of our lives with a rekindled faith and renewed spirit.

Here are seven questions that will help you remain aware of the many blessings and possibilities around you…

What is something that causes you to wake up in the morning and look forward to the day ahead with enthusiasm?

What is one thing about your life that you want to celebrate?

What are the greatest gifts you bring to the world?

What motivates you when you are successful?

What enchanting or captivating moment would you like to experience today, and how would you describe that experience?

What special type of work or project do you see yourself completing today?

What would your life look like if you accepted the greatest good for yourself each day?

© Copyright 2009 by Steve Brunkhorst.