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A Renewal of Energy

A Simple Formula to Remember: Goals + Action = Energy

Passion behind a clear goal is a powerful force. You can gain enormous control over that force by focusing on one small step that you need to take.

What is one small, doable action that could create more balance and dissolve any stressful feelings you might have?

Smaller goal-actions are even more important than larger goal-actions for immediate energy renewal and release of stressful feelings.

Think about your major life areas and ask yourself: What would renew my energy today where I need it most? Simply doing something enjoyable for yourself can provide a welcome energy boost for the body, mind, and spirit.

Does today call for…
Spiritual renewal,
Time with friends and family,
Listening to music,
Planning a project,
Finishing a project,
Making a call,
Going for a drive,
Walking in nature,
Watching a movie,
Reading a new book,
Journaling about the week?

The possibilities are endless. You’ll quickly become aware of the best action for you. The important point is: Action can decrease stress and build energy – especially if the action is something pleasant.

Your intuition will tell you exactly what you need at the time. Then make it a tiny goal and act on it.

We create energy not only by following good health and wellness practices. We also create mental energy, or lack of it, with our thoughts, beliefs, and choice of perceptions.

Think about a success you have achieved, or something great you have created. How has this past success contributed to your present level of achievement?

One action leads to the next. Everything affects everything else.

Gratitude for what you have already achieved will also create more of the things you visualize for the future. You will attract into your reality those things you think about consistently with emotion. Focus on your goals and most crucial needs this day. Then act on each. You will be pleased with the renewal of energy that your actions will bring.

Have a fantastic week!