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Balanced determination, as generated by strength of character, is calm, reasoned, patient, and persistent. It drives toward a goal, but the drive is steady and consistent, and at the beginning foresees delays, long or short, along the way. 
~ J. A. Rosenkranz

Balanced Determination

We can reorder our priorities as needed, and reordering becomes necessary with time. Life often makes obvious the need to reorder priorities or adopt new priorities. Appropriate and well-ordered priorities can also help to balance effort with rest. They keep our plans realistic while keeping our determination strong during difficulties.

However, it is important to become keenly aware of the motivations behind our actions; our motivations grow from inspirations, and they assist in driving actions and regulating levels of commitment and determination. Accurate observations of our motives can also prevent us from reordering our priorities when doing so is not necessary.

As individuals who seek happiness, harmony, and fulfillment, we can maintain a balanced determination by becoming aware of our actions and how they compare with what we say that we want.

“Getting priorities straight” does not always mean reordering priorities; it sometimes means becoming aware of their true order.

Our actions mirror our priorities. When our actions are balanced with our values and meet our needs constructively, we can more easily maintain the determination that we need to reach our goals. Best of all, we will see peaceful reflections in every important aspect of our lives.

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