It’s still early in year and it’s not too late to take Mr. Positive’s Positive Pledge to everyone.  It’s difficult to maintain a positive attitude but it’s worth the effort. So I’d like to share it with everyone of you.  Let’s all try our best to maintain a positive attitude.


I, YOUR NAME HERE, from this day forward, hereby commit to creating and maintaining a positive winning attitude in everything that I do.

Today and everyday from now on, I promise to do my best to change all negative thoughts into positive ones, immediately.

I vow to neither start, nor end any day with negative thoughts.
I further agree to the following on a daily basis:

  1. Prepare everyday for the opportunities I know will come.
  2. Commit to improving and developing myself, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  3. Manage my time wisely through the use of written goals.
  4. Avoid negative thinkers and dream stealers. To define my own life and not let it be defined by others.
  5. Determine to make today better than yesterday for myself and everyone I meet.
  6. Be enthusiastic and be persistent toward what I want for my life.
  7. Focus on things that make me happy, not things that depress me.
  8. Invest in myself, whether it be in the area of personal development, exercise, or relaxation.
  9. I will encourage someone today!
  10. Forgive, release and let go of anything that no longer serves me.
  11. Take time everyday, to be thankful for all that I have.
  12. Say I love you to my family.
  13. Journal my daily adventures in life.
  14. Spend time in the silence.
  15. Breath in deep and enjoy each moment!