You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.
~ Les Brown

Control the Changes

These tools are necessary if you want to control the changes in your life:


Knowledge is to creativity what a bed of coals is to fire. It provides a reservoir of resources to keep the creative fires burning. So to develop creativity, acquire a thirst for knowledge.

Healthy Habits

Change is challenging, stressful and often uncomfortable. To deal with it successfully, you need to be healthy in body and mind.


Change is just as inevitable as the tide. Don’t try to stop it. Accommodate it, channel it, and use it, but don’t try to stop it.

Nose for News

If you’re going to deal with change, you’ll have to keep up with change. You can’t adjust to what you don’t know. So it’s important to read extensively the literature dealing with the field in which you pursue success.

Good bye to the past

Before you can make significant changes, you have to get rid of the old ways. You have to let go of the ideas and habits you’ve grown comfortable with. You have to forget old resentments and old grudges.

Eagerness to succeed

Events, like people, usually live up to your expectations. So one of the most powerful tools you can take into the era of change is a positive attitude — an expectation that whatever changes are taking place, you’re going to ride them to success.

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