Striving for Balance

Striving for a balance of lifestyle, wholeness, and labor is a challenge. Many of us have non-stop responsibilities to get to work, make calls, and attend meetings. We also need to spend time with our friends and families, pursue activities we enjoy, and get adequate rest. It can be difficult to find and maintain a sense of balance. 

Quiet time to think, record thoughts in a journal, and ask specific questions about the three disciplines above can help to focus more clearly on some of the most pertinent disciplines that create balance. 

For example, I might ask, “What meaningless activity could I safely drop today?” “What simple step could I start taking each day that would make me healthier?” The key is making small, simple changes that are easy to maintain. 

Regarding the achievement of self-discipline, author John Maxwell wrote: 

“I define self-control, in the beginning of life, as the choice of achieving what I really want by doing things I really don’t want to do.

Once this becomes a habit, discipline becomes the choice of achieving what I really want by doing the very things I now want to do! 

I really believe that a disciplined life becomes a joy, but only after we have worked hard to practice it.”

If you find new disciplines or activities difficult to maintain, you might have made too big a change at once. Effective self-discipline shouldn’t feel like a prison. Rather, it should bring more freedom and workability into our lives. It is small doable steps taken consistently that lead to major changes and overall balance. 

May the joy and fulfillment of balanced success be yours today and always. 

Wishing you blessings and success!

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