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Weekly Verse
“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” -Ecclesiastes 3:11
Weekly Quote
“In God’s faithfulness lies eternal security.” -Corrie Ten Boom
Weekly Thought
Two friends, Albrecht and Franz, both very poor, but both showing great promise as artists, made a deal: they would draw lots; the winner would continue in art school, while the other would work to support both of them. Once the one finished school and began to make money as an artist, he would in turn support the other in his education and work.

Albrecht won the drawing, finished his training, and went on to have a wildly successful career as an artist. Tragically, however, it was no longer possible for Franz to be an artist—his fingers were stiff and twisted from the manual labor. A true friend, Franz did not succumb to bitterness, but was thrilled for Albrecht’s success.

One day Albrecht found his friend kneeling, his misshapen hands intertwined in prayer. Struck by sudden inspiration, he grabbed his sketch pad and began work on what was to become his greatest masterpiece.

Five hundred years later, none of Albrecht Durer’s works are more famous and loved than “The Praying Hands” he sketched that day.

God can make a work of art out of any circumstances.

Father God, teach me to remain faithful to You and keep my eyes open for miracles. Amen.