2010-01-22: On Being A Beginner

Life is a journey. And for each one the length varies.  Some just last hours, some a few years, most last decades, and still a very few a century! Like any long journey, it has legs or segments, much like chapters of a book…like Dan Fogelberg’s song “Longer”…the book of our lives, though the binding cracks, and the pages start to yellow…

At every stage of our lives, we are beginners.  When you learn something new, you are a beginner….your first day in school, at work, in a relationship, marriage, parenting, grandparenting, every new book, every new lesson, etc.  These, and many other moments, we are beginners.  As Mr Spock in Star Trek said, “For everything there is a first time.”

In my senior year in high school (USTHS), I started writing poems.  There’s this one poem entitled “The Journey of Life“.  In it, I wrote about life as a cycle of seasons…spring for birth/rebirth, summer for growth and excitement, autumn for contemplation and reflection, winter for desolation and death…until the rebirth in spring!  If you think about it, God made life so dynamic, constantly renewing!  In fact, that’s how He made Creation…cyclic like the seasons, tides, stars, planets! It’s constant yet changing, sad yet joyful, despairing yet hopeful, creation amidst destruction! 

Life is an adventure, and we should cherish every moment of it…savor the good with the bad, the laughter with the tears, the joys amidst sorrows, victory and defeat, success and failure….each memory, every emotion, every experience adds color to the tapestry of our lives. Each moment is a chance to grow, renew, expand, diversity, specialize, discover! Life is exhilarating, and since it’s of unknown duration, we must try not to waste too much of it!

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