On Being Taken For Granted

There are many things in life that we need: food, clothing, shelter, love, purpose, hope, joy, a sense of belonging, etc. For relationships, it is imperative that we feel we are of some value (at the very least) to the other person. Being of value doesn’t always mean fulfilling a need; but more commonly, it means that we are listened to—our words and feelings bear consideration. When we are important to another person, what we say and how we feel mean something. When this isn’t the case, we feel this urge to pack up and leave.

If someone is important to us, we tend to notice a great deal of detail about them–shape, size, color, scent, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams, aspirations, fears, mannerisms, idiosyncracies, nuances, quirks, etc. They draw our attention…our interest. Why? Because they are important to us. And that is also the reason why we feel that if our feelings, actions, and words are taken for granted, we are unimportant.

However, if our love for a person outweighs our love for ourselves, we tend to disregard being taken for granted. Our love for this other person, compels us to continue doing things for him/her despite being hurt, or taken for granted. The deepest kind of love does not ask for anything in return, unconditional, unwavering, and eternal.

How many people do we love this way? I image it is only a handful..your spouse, your children, your parents? Perhaps. If someone shows their love for us, I think that we should endeavour to appreciate what he/she does for us.

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