Faces From Magazines

As with most artists, a popular subject is a portrait of a beautiful face. I was in high school when I started exploring portraiture.  Here are the faces I’ve drawn from the pages of magazines.

Erin Gray, Max Factor ad

This one is a portrait of American actress/model Erin Gray. I saw this full page ad for Max Factor in one of the local magazines.  It was fortunate that in the ad, only her face was visible (black background).  I have a very difficult time rendering a person’s hair.  I still do. Fortunately, I didn’t have any difficulty rendering the eyes.  The teeth and gums are also very difficult to draw.  They require the slightest touch.Erin’s eyes are really captivating.  She was the female lead in the 1980s sci-fi TV series Buck Rogers In the 25th Century opposit Gil Gerard

Alice Dixon, Philippine actress/model

This one is from a shampoo ad in a Philippine magazine featuring actress/model Alice Dixon in the mid-80s.  Again, since I find it really difficult to render a subject’s hair, I opted not to render hers, too (although her ad, being a shampoo endorsement, included her hair).  The technical difficulty here was rendering the outline of her face–her light skin against a bright background.  It required the lightest touch on the edges. The eyes were spot on, as were her lips and teeth.

Claudia Bermudez, Philippine model/socialite

One of the most beautiful faces in the Philippines belongs to model/socialite, Claudia Bermudez.  The picture appeared as the cover of a local magazine in the mid-80s.  Her hispanic heritage quite evident from her facial features.  Her hair was straight, so I ventured to render it as well.  The eyes were mesmerizing (which I hope I did justice to).  Although, I think I overdid the cheekbones.  Her nose was well chiseled.  The parted lips were not that difficult to render owing to the color.

Jane Seymour, US actress/model

This one was of famous US actress/model Jane Seymour, as it appeared on an ad for a beauty soap that appeared in a Philippine magazine in the mid-80s. The photo in the ad was hazy (similar in affect to a foggy morning), the lighting was subdued. This made it difficult to render her features as in the photo.  Her hair was wavy, which was very difficult to render. Jane Seymour was known for her role in the romantic fantasy film Somewhere In Time opposite deceased actor Christopher Reeve.

Stella Fadullon, Philippine model

This is from the cover of a Philippine magazine in the mid-80s, featuring the face of Stella Fadullon.  From the brief description in the magazine, she was the daughter of one of the government officials in the early to mid-80s.  The shot wasn’t clear enough to draw the hair (which I didn’t hazard to try).

Dawn Zulueta, Philippine actress/model

The last of this batch was the face of Philippine actress/model, Dawn Zulueta.  It appeared in a local magazine as an ad for a shampoo (I think).  I just drew her face (eyes, nose and mouth) and a hint of her chin, nothing else.  I used to show this to friend if they could recognize who it was…most of them were able to guess correctly.  Dawn has very expressive eyes.

I didn’t draw portraits from magazines from quite a long time from then. I’m not a “mechanical” in my drawings. That means that I only draw when I feel like it, and the urge has to be strong enought to compel me to draw. That’s the reason for the long interval between batches.

The next ones were just spur of the moment during a few lulls in the often hectic pace in the office I worked at in the early 90s.

The Aviator


This one was an ad in a US magazine where our company was encoding an article about.  The subject was a World War II American aviator (judging from the attire). The urge just hit me like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere…BAM!  I got a bond paper and a No. 2 Mongol pencil and just began drawing.  For some strange reason, I didn’t finish the drawing (I left out the aviator’s left arm).

A face from a magazine

This is from an ad in a US magazine our company was encoding an article on.  The face wasn’t from anyone I know. The facial expression is what caught my attention.  It’s like a plea or something.  Not really sad, but hopeful (I think).  So I got a bond paper and a No. 2 Mongol pencil and started drawing.

Former US President George Bush

This is former US President George Bush on an issue of Fortune Magazine.  The minor diffculties were rendering the edges of the rimless glasses, and the distortion of the face behind the glasses.

Practicing one’s skill on magazine ads is a useful exercise. Spacing of facial details are appropriate for detailed drawings.  This is helpful if you want to master rending the eyes of the subject, say.

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