Of Myths, Legends & Fantasy: The World of Warcraft

I have been a fan of the Warcraft saga since Blizzard came out with it in 1994.  The story-lines were superbly written such that it’s like a real other-world full of magic, battles, alliances, betrayal, sacrifices, dedication, and love.

My interest in drawing fantastic creatures naturally led me finally to render the creatures in Warcraft.  I have searched the Internet for the work of other artists and selected a few that have captured my fancy. I have taken these originals in pencil and enhanced some of the details.

Tauren Runemaster

The Tauren race in Warcraft, resemble humanoid bulls.  They are heavily muscled, walk upright on two legs, with hooves for feet.  They are generally peaceful and strive to preserve the balance of nature at the behest of their goddess, the Earth Mother. This cover is from the work of Samwise.

Human Infiltrator

Infiltrators are a select group tasked with protecting the Alliance, whether from the attacks of the Horde or by those who would attempt to shatter it from within by manipulating internal rivalries. The infiltrator is a manipulator, a charmer, and a spy who wear their weapons hidden beneath fine clothing as they dive into the dark waters of politics, diplomacy, and intrigue. This cover is from another work by Samwise.

Jaina Proudmore

Jaina was one of the most talented and trusted sorceresses of the Kirin Tor, a specialized sect that was charged with cataloging and researching every spell, artifact, and magic item known to mankind at the time. I’m not sure whose work the original came from but this is my cover of it.

Night Elf

The night elves are a people who have dedicated their individual lives, as well as the very organization of their entire society, in the pursuit of the protection of the natural world. Skilled with bow and the 3-bladed glave, they use war panthers for steeds.

Death Knight

Prince Arthas Menethil , once a mighty paladin of the Silver Hand, who sacrificed his soul to claim the runeblade Frostmourne in a desperate bid to save his people. In so doing, he got corrupted.  He marched into the castle, and slew his father, the king. He became a willing death-dealer of the Lich King.  This cover is from another work of Samwise.


The mysterious chimaera are deadly, territorial beasts who have developed an empathic bond with the night elf race. These fearsome, two-headed creatures fly above the dark forests of Kalimdor, spewing forth their terrible corrosive breath upon all who would defy the sanctity of the ancient woodlands. This is my cover of the original work of Samwise. The difficulty I encountered here was renedering the fur and the wings.


Thrall is the son of Durotan, former chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, and Draka.  His war hammer can cast lightning bolts. The details in his armor and rendering the lightning were tedious and difficult work!

These are what I’ve done so far. I’ll post additional work in the future (time allowing).

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