First Shots On My New Pentax K-x

My first SLR was a Pentax K-1000 fully manual film-based camera given to me by my uncle in 1994. It had the standard 50mm lens and an old Vivitar external flash. I’ve always loved photography, so I saved up for a year to buy a 28-200mm Tokina lens (w/ Macro mode).  The camera had no automation whatsoever.  Aside from making sure that your subject is in focus, all you had to remember was to make sure the meter (you can see it at the right side of the screen through the viewfinder) was in the middle.  You can use different combinations of shutter speeds and aperture as long as the meter was in the middle….purely manual.  

My wife has always been supportive of my hobby, and she told to go ahead an buy a DSLR! This was really great, so I wasted no time checking up on what’s available in the market.  I checked out Nikon,  Canon and (of course) Pentax. Nikon and Canon both have good models but all but the high priced models (at that time) were the only ones that had “live view”. When I checked out Pentax, it was the same but Pentax was backward compatible with all its old lenses!  This meant that I could use my old Tokina lens on the new DSLRs!

Anyway, I didn’t want to spend too much on the camera so I wanted one that I could really live with for a long time. So last October, I read about the new K-x and the features and price were right on!

The first shots I took were during dinner at Yakimix, Mall of Asia

Food cooking on the grill

Salad and food for the grill

Julius, Gemma & Marlyn

My dessert

View from our table at Yakimix, Mall of Asia

The next shots were taken while walking back to our car (Mall of Asia)

Racks at the Mall Of Asia


South Promenade lit with Christmas lights

Colorful strollers for tots

I tried using the macro shooting mode and here’s what I got:

Navy Seals Pin

Dominican (Order of Preachers) Seal

25-centavo coins

The next ones were taken around Makati   

BDO Logo on the South Tower

BDO Bridge and Metrobank Signage

Frasier Place and Citibank Tower Makati

Mandarin Oriental at Twilight

Mandarin Oriental Lit Up

The Ramon Cojuangco Building (PLDT)

The Manila Peninsula

Enterprise Center

Glorietta 5 Signage

Here are some shots I took at home:

Jeo dressed for school

The Last Supper in our dining room

Rock Garden with Waterfall


I’ll post more pictures here in the future.  All in all, the Pentax K-x is a hell-of-a-camera!

2 thoughts on “First Shots On My New Pentax K-x”

  1. ljcpolido said:

    Nice shot sa icecream, coins and navy seal pin sir

  2. noelombrog said:

    Hi, Thanks for the comment. About recommendations, I didn’t take any formal lessons. All I can say is that you have to write about something you’re really familiar with, and something you really like. Try to organize your thoughts…it’s a difficult exercise but with practice, I’m sure we’ll get ther. Regards.

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