Sometimes, I truly wonder why,
People can’t seem to get by,
Wearing masks that hide their faces
From everyone’s eye.

Masks are evil, don’t you see?
For they hide what is meant to be,
How people really look…
To you and to me.

Truth is all that I ask for,
Truth is what makes my spirit soar,
So please open up…
When I knock on your door.

Don’t face me with masks on, don’t you dare,
Just face me with a face that’s bare,
Lest from your face…
I would eagerly tear.

I suppose fear causes us to wear those masks,
Afraid that respect and help be denied if we ask,
But I know ’tis not….
The easiest of tasks.

Oh Lord, grant me the faculty,
That permits me to see the reality,
Behind those masks…
Be they pretty or ugly.

— Noel Ombrog

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