Paradoxes and Ironies

Our life is laden with paradoxes and ironies,
Also with hardships and complexities;
If you cannot follow me, read on
I hope this poem will enlighten thee.

Well, sometimes we win, and yet we lose,
A choice is offered, yet we cannot choose;
We may succeed and yet we fail,
Strength seems all, yet weakness prevails.

We may do good, yet we also do bad,
A fact which renders me, confused and sad;
By which means can we succeed,
Without utilizing any foul or evil deed.

We may seem so close, but we’re still afar,
It’s like trying to catch a wandering star;
We seem far off, but in fact we’re not,
Circumstances demand strength we haven’t got.

We may seem right, but in fact we’re wrong,
To no one’s arms, we do belong;
To love someone we cannot love,
To hold fast a friend, when he needs a shove.

To die first, in order to live,
To tell the truth so as to deceive;
To gain wealth from poverty,
To take away is charity.

Indeed, life is laden with paradoxes and ironies,
Believing in what we cannot see;
Also with hardships and complexities,
I hope you won’t be as confused as me.

— Noel Ombrog

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